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Hello, my name is Andy and this is my health care blog. If you want to enjoy everything that life has to offer, it is important that you take good care of your health. I am not a doctor but over the years, I have learnt a thing or two about eating well, exercising and how to spot the signs that you need to visit a doctor. It wasn't always this way. I used to actively avoid visiting the doctor until I married my wife who is a nurse. She taught me how to be healthy and for that I am extremely thankful.


Why General Physiotherapy Is Beneficial

22 June 2016
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General physiotherapy is a therapy that focuses on the treatment of musculo-skeletal ailments. These musculo-skeletal ailments could affect an array of body parts such as your ligaments, connective tissues, tendons and muscles. They will typically stem from straining these areas leading to a myriad of aches or injuries. It should be noted that there is no one set technique for carrying out physiotherapy. Your therapy is customised to your specific needs in accordance to your individual ailments. Read More …

Unmistakable Signs That You Might Need a Hearing Aid

27 May 2016
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Most people don't like to consider the idea that they may be losing their hearing and may need a hearing aid, but keep in mind that today's hearing aids are often very small and slim and not as noticeable as you might think. They're also a good way to ensure you can safely hear things around you such as sirens, alarms, and the like. Rather than put off getting a hearing test, consider having a conversation with your doctor about this if you have any of the following symptoms or notice any of these things happening in your life. Read More …

3 Ways A Diabetic Clinic Can Help You Manage Your Health

8 April 2016
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Most medical centres run a diabetic clinic for those with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Staffed by specially trained nurses, your local diabetic clinic is there to provide you with support and help you manage your diabetes and the common complications associated with the condition, such as foot ulcers and poor circulation. Once diagnosed, you'll be invited to attend the clinic a couple of times a year, but what should you expect when you arrive at your clinic appointment? Read More …