Three Reasons Why Women's Health Needs To Be Talked About More Openly

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Three Reasons Why Women's Health Needs To Be Talked About More Openly

13 January 2023
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Women's health is a topic that often goes unspoken and under-discussed. Despite the significant impact that it has on the lives of women, many people shy away from talking openly and honestly about women's health. This can lead to stigmas around women's health that will stop women from going to get treatment when they notice something wrong, which can have severe consequences. Because of this, there is a concerted effort in some areas of the community to increase the knowledge of women's health and an expansion in the presence of women's health clinics. Here are a few reasons why more still needs to be done to increase the knowledge of women's health. 

Improving Outcomes

An open and honest conversation about women's health can lead to better health outcomes for women. By discussing issues like preventative care and early detection, it is possible to help women to take steps to protect their health and to catch issues early on when they are most treatable. If you have specific questions about what conditions and diseases women face in particular, and whether you might be susceptible to them, speak to a women's health expert or go to one of the clinics that purely focus on women. 

Breaking The Stigma Forever

Women's health issues have long been stigmatized and shrouded in shame. This has led to many women feeling uncomfortable discussing their health concerns with others, even their own doctors. By breaking the stigma around women's health and talking about it more openly, society as a whole can empower women to take control of their own health and to seek help when they need it. This is not just advice for women either, as often stigmas are perpetuated by those who least know about the reality of the situation, which in this case would be men. Being supportive and interested in women's health as a man can help those in your immediate circle feel accepted and safe. 

Addressing Health Disparities

Minorities, low-income women, and women living in rural areas often face significant barriers to accessing quality healthcare. By talking about women's health more openly, you can bring attention to these disparities and work towards addressing them. This can help to ensure that all women have access to the care they need to maintain their health and well-being and also help to bring more of the appropriate facilities to the geographic areas that most of these women live in. By knowing more about women's health everyone can play a role in helping to reduce stigmas and improve their quality of care moving forward.

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